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Donald L. Tucker
Florida Speaker of the House, Donald L. Tucker
Source: State Archives of Florida

Who is the Center named after?

The Donald L. Tucker Civic Center was named in honor of Donald L. Tucker, Esq., a former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives and Special Ambassador for the United States to the Dominican Republic. Upon opening, the venue was named the Tallahassee-Leon County Civic Center, but was reverted to its original name in January 2012.

What is the Donald L. Tucker Center (previously known as the Tallahassee Leon County Civic Center)?

This structure and surrounding property is a multi-purpose arena, convention and entertainment facility located in the heart of downtown Tallahassee, FL. Florida State University assumed responsibility for the Civic Center operation in July 2013.

What is happening with the Donald L. Tucker Center?

The Donald L. Tucker Center is transforming into a catalyst for growth for the Florida State University and Tallahassee communities. Plans detailed on this website for the Donald L. Tucker Center District include a new hotel/convention center, world-class basketball facility, Florida State academic centers, many new small businesses and much more that would unify the heart of Tallahassee.

How much will this project cost?

According to an estimate cited in the Tallahassee Democrat on December 10, 2013, “the project would cost $260 million, with $24 million from county tax revenues.”

What are the benefits of this project to the Tallahassee community?

This project will not only generate a large amount of revenue for the Tallahassee community, it will also create numerous job opportunities. The development of the Donald L. Tucker Center District will also enhance the area’s already vibrant entertainment scene, including events and activities that could be held in order to increase community involvement.

What are the benefits to the Florida State University community?

Academically, there are facilities planned for use by the College of Business / Dedman School of Hospitality. The Tucker Center District businesses will offer access to top-notch internship and employment opportunities for students.

Seminole Athletics will benefit from an updated basketball training facility and arena providing an elevated game day experience for athletes and fans.

What are FSU’s goals for the Tucker Center?

  • Elevated game day experience
  • Enhance revenue and sponsorship opportunities
  • Provide an innovative setting that complements other University facilities and initiatives
  • Assist as a recruiting asset (attracting athletes, students, faculty, staff)
  • Offer superior acoustics
  • Signature building for FSU
  • New opportunities for students
  • Community continuing to feel welcome and attracting more visitors

Were there any upgrades or renovations at the facility and is it currently up and running?

The university is in the process of making several million dollars’ worth of improvements to the center. The improvements have included meeting room remodeling, concession stand upgrades, structural repairs, lighting upgrades, painting, and new signage. During the next several months, the university will consider additional upgrades that may include energy efficiency and HVAC modernization, additional food service improvements, acoustical enhancements, new seating, and new video boards.

Why outside management?

  • Access to nationwide talent booking expertise and networks
  • Ability to effectively benchmark and compare against other arenas
  • Experience balancing university & community stakeholder desires
  • Ability to hire and retain the best personnel in the industry
  • Implementation of industry best practices and systems
  • More streamlined in negotiating financial terms with event promoters
  • Overall facility operations can be run more efficiently and effectively
  • Shares the financial uncertainty, risk, and liability with a 3rd party

What made Global Spectrum the right choice for the venue’s management team?

Celebrating its 10th anniversary as a company in 2010, Global Spectrum has become one of the leading and best financially resourced private venue management companies in the industry.

In 2000, Global Spectrum began an aggressive, ambitious effort to:

  • Expand the number of Global Spectrum-managed venues
  • Broaden the company’s scope of expert services
  • Extend to geographic locations throughout North America and the world

Today, the company’s client roster now includes over 100 venues in cities worldwide.

Total Areas Managed: 48 / Seats: 441,906

Global Spectrum manages Convention and Exhibition Centers, Stadiums, Ice Facilities and Specialized Venues, including many large University venues in Florida such as the BankUnited Center on the University of Miami campus, the Sundome on the University of South Florida campus, and the CFE Center on the University of Central Florida campus.

Did the fact that Global Spectrum runs other University venues in Florida influence your decision to bring them on board for the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center?

Global Spectrum’s experience managing other university venues was one of many factors including venue enhancement, ticketing and marketing-technology solutions.

Are photos available of the facility?

Additional information and photos are available in Multimedia.

Where can I find more information concerning the FSU College of Business?

Visit the FSU College of Business Legacy Hall website.